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'''Aquaria - Races and Deities   (speculation - provisional list w.i.p.)

{names in brackets = game file names} [italics = rewards]


Primary Deities:

The Creator [spirit of a child that died during the destruction of the sky civilisation?] - everywhere

Mia [The Creator’s ultimate perfect creation?] - various locations - [visions, omens]

Naija [daughter created by Mia to destroy The Creator?] - everywhere - [Song Form - Shield Song]

The Thirteen Races and their Deities:

1. Nautilus Race [extant] - Nautilus God:

Nautilus Prime {nautilusprime} - Home Waters - [Nautilus Pet]

2. Crab Race [extant] - Crab God:

Giant Crab {crabboss} - Arnassi Ruins - [Crab Armour]

3. Octopus Race [extant] - Octopus God:

Octomun {octomun} - Octopus Cave, the Veil - [Dumbo Octopus Pet]

4. Turtle Race [extant] - Turtle Goddess:

Mama Turtle {mamaturtle} - Turtle Cave, the Veil - [Turtle Egg]

5. Mermog Race [extant] - Mermog God:

Mergog {mergog} - Mermog Cave - [Piranha Pet]

6. Arnassi Race/Civilisation [extinct - now ghosts] - Arnassi God:

Seahorse God - Arnassi - [Seahorse Costume]

7. Erulian Race/Civilisation [extinct - now spirits] - Erulian Goddess:

Erulia {erulia} - Song Cave - [Bind Song]

8. Krotite Race/Civilisation [extinct - now spirits] - Krotite Gods:

                Energy God {energystatue} - Energy Temple - [vision, Energy Form]

                Energy God corrupted = Fallen God {energyboss} - Energy Temple - [vision, treasure]

9. Drunian Race/Civilisation [extinct- now spirits] - Drunian Goddess:

Forest Goddess {forestgod} - Kelp Forest - [Nature Form]

10. Lumerean Race/Civilisation [extinct] - Lumerean Gods:

                Sun God - Sun Temple

                Sun God corrupted = Sun Worm {sunworm} - Sun Temple - [vision, Sun Form]

11? Mithalan Priest Race/Civilisation [extant - transformed from Mithalan race] - Mithalan Priests God:

                Spirit Priests (Transcendency¹) - Mithalas City - [vision, Spirit Form]        

12? Mithalan Race/Civilisation [extant - corrupted into evil mermen²] - Mithalan Gods:

                Mithala - Mithalas City, Mithalas Cathedral

                Mithala corrupted = Hell Beast {hellbeast} - Mithalas Cathedral - [vision, Beast Form]

13? Mutant Naija Race³ [extant - copies of Naija made by The Creator] - Mutant Naija God:

The Creator - everywhere

Note 1: The Mithalan Priests worshiped transcendency and used Mithala to transform themselves into a spirit race?

Note2: Prince Drask was not corrupted by the Mithalan Priests and became a spirit?

Note 3: The thirteenth race (shown by the faces in the Body) is possibly a race of the mutant Najias?  Mia is not an actual race, although The Creator might have wanted her to become the mother/founder of the thirteenth race through Naija? Perhaps when Mia hid Naija, The Creator made the mutant Naijas as a substitute race?


Lesser Deities:

Bigmouth {bigmouth} - Kelp Forest - [Buttery Sea Loaf]

Blaster Prime {bigblaster} - Energy Temple - [Blaster Pet]

Ekkrit {ekkrit} - Open Waters

Golem and Priestess {sunkendad and sunkenmum} - Sunken City - [ghost boy]

King Jellyfish {kingjelly} - the Abyss - [Jellyfish Costume]

Mantis Shrimp {mantis} - Bubble Cave, Frozen Veil - [Verse Egg]

Simon {simon} - Simon Cave from Arnassi Ruins - [Third Cooking Pan Slot]

Singing Octopus {strangecreature} - Inside the Deep Whale, the Abyss - [white pearl]

Whale {deepwhale} - Abyss

Aquaria Entities - Flora


(Fungi and Algae included here)


bigmush 0001

bigmush 0002












plant 0001-0015











Aquaria Entities - Creatures


Creatures (real world counterparts?)

anglerfish (Anglerfish: Lophiiformes)

beluga (Beluga Whale: Delphinapterus leucas)

cat (Domestic Cat: Felis catus)

clam (Clam: Heterodonta)

deepwhale (Whale: Cetacea)

dumbo (Dumbo Octopus: Grimpoteuthis)

ekko (Dolphin or Porpoise: Delphinoidea)

flatfish (Flatfish: Pleuronectiformes)

globecrab (Purple Globe Crab: Randallia ornata)

greenseadragon (Seadragon: Syngnathidae)

grouper (Grouper: Epinephelinae)

hatchetfish (Hatchetfish: Sternoptychinae)

horseshoe (Horseshoe Crab: Xiphosura)

krill (Krill: Euphausiacea)

leopardshark (Leopard Shark: Triakis semifasciata)

lionfish (Lionfish : Pterois)

mantis (Mantis Shrimp: Stomapoda)

monkey (Monkey: Simiiformes)

moray (Moray Eel: Muraenidae)

nudibranch (Nudibranch: Nudibranchia)

otter (Otter: Lutrinae)

parrot (Parrot: Psittaciformes)

pistolshrimp (Pistol Shrimp: Alpheidae)

predatorytunicate (Predatory Tunicate: Megalodicopia hians

pufferfish (Pufferfish or Porcupinefish: Tetraodontidae or Diodontidae)

rukh (Roc - mythology)

seahorse (Seahorse: Hippocampus)

seaturtle (Sea Turtle: Chelonioidea)

seawolf (Sea Wolf: Anarhichadidae)

shark (Shark: Selachimorpha)

slipperlobster? (Slipper Lobster: Scyllaridae?)(robot in game?)

spidercrab (Spider Crab: Majoidea)

spinycrab (Spiny Crab: Lithodidae)

swordfish (Swordfish: Xiphias gladius)

thieffish? (blackfish?)

tigershark (Tiger Shark: Galeocerdo cuvier)


anemone 0001-0004 (Sea Anemone: Actiniaria)

anemonebig 0001-0004 (Sea Anemone: Actiniaria)

basketstarfish (Basket Star: Euryalina)

coral 0001,0002 (Brain Coral: Mussidae)

coral 0003-0009 (Coral: Anthozoa)

eel 0001(Eel: Anguilliformes)

eel 0002 (Electric Eel: Electrophorus electricus)

fish 0001-0015 (Fish)

fish-anemone (Anemonefish or Clownfish: Amphiprioninae)


flea (Sea Flea: Leptostraca)

jelly (Jellyfish: Medusozoa)

kingcrab (King Crab: Lithodidae)

molamola (Ocean Sunfish: Molidae)

nautilus (Nautilus: Nautilidae)

oarfish (Oarfish: Regalecidae)

piranha (Piranha: Serrasalmidae)

shrimp (Shrimp: Dendrobrachiata)

squiddy (Squid: Teuthida)

starfish (Starfish: Asteroidea)

turtle (Turtle: Chelonioidea)

urchin 0001-0003(Sea Urchin: Echinoidea)

whelk (Whelk: Buccinidae)

Aquaria - Recipe Locations (not complete w.i.p.)


Arcane Poultice = # Mithalas Cathedral x 3 # Kelp Forest (Coward drop) # Body x 4

Berry Ice Cream =

Buttery Sea Loaf = # Kelp Forest (Bigmouth drop)

Cold Borscht = # Abyss # Bubble Cave

Cold Soup =

Crab Cake = # Open Waters # Bubble Cave

Divine Soup = # Open Waters (Hardbeetle drop) # Body

Dumbo Ice Cream = # Abyss # Ice Cavern # Frozen Veil # Body

Hand Roll = # Secret Cave Passage # Song Cave # Open Waters # Kelp Forest

Healing Poultice = # Open Waters x 3 # Kelp Forest # Abyss x 3

Hearty Soup = # Secret Cave Passage # Naija’s Home # Mithalas City x 2 # Sun Temple

Hot Borscht = # Kelp Forest (Coward drop) # Abyss

Hot Soup = # Secret Cave Passage # Home Waters # Song Cave # Veil

Ice Cream = # Ice Cavern

Leadership Roll = # Open Waters x2 # Sun Temple

Leaf Poultice = # Home Waters x 2  # Song Cave # Energy Temple# Mithalas Cathedral # Kelp Forest #  Turtle Cave x 3

Leeching Poultice = # Mithalas Cathedral # Kelp Forest # Forest Sprite Cave # Mermog Cave

Legendary Cake = # Veil

Loaf of Life = # Kelp Forest (Coward drop)

Long Life Soup = # Veil # Body

Magic Soup =

Perogi = # Open Waters (King’s Skull Cave)

Plump Perogi = # Kelp Forest (Coward drop) # Body

Poison Loaf = # Mithalas City x 8

Poison Soup =

Rainbow Soup = # Mithalas City (inscription)

Rotten Cake = # Mithalas Cathedral

Rotten Loaf =

Royal Soup = # Sun Temple

Sea Cake = # Home Waters # Mithalas City # Kelp Forest

Sea Loaf = # Open Waters x 3

Shark Fin Soup = # Kelp Forest # Veil

Sight Poultice = # Veil (Octopus Cave)

Special Cake = # Sun Temple

Spicy Roll = # Home Waters # Naija’s Home # Open Waters # Kelp Forest # Sunken City # Body x 2

Spicy Soup = # Veil

Spider Roll = # Mithalas City # Mithalas Cathedral # Kelp Forest

Swamp Cake = # Kelp Forest # Veil

Tasty Cake = # Kelp Forest

Tasty Roll = # Mithalas City #Arnassi Ruins

Tough Cake = # Mithalas Cathedral # Kelp Forest

Turtle Soup = # Turtle Cave # Sun Temple

Vedha Sea Crisp =

Vedha’s Cure-All =

Veggie Cake = # Kelp Forest

Veggie Ice Cream =

Veggie Soup = # Open Waters # Kelp Forest # Forest Sprite Cave

Volcano Roll = # Body

Zunna’s Perogi =

Poison Loaf 2 = Poison Soup + Anything

Poison Loaf 3 = Poison Loaf + Poison Loaf

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