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Aquaria – Bosses and Mini-bosses (w.i.p.)

Main Bosses:

Bigmouth {bigmouth and parasite} Kelp Forest

Blaster Prime {bigblaster and blaster} Energy Temple

Creator, The {creator} (five forms including Dark Li) various locations

Energy God {energystatue} Energy Temple

Fallen God (Energy God corrupted) {energyboss} Energy Temple

Forest Goddess {forestgod and vinehead} Kelp Forest

Gateway {gateway and final-mutant} the Body

Giant Crab {crabboss} Arnassi Ruins

Golem and Priestess {sunkendad, sunkenmum and zygote} Sunken City

Hell Beast (Mithala corrupted) {hellbeast, mermanthin and mermanbloated} Mithalas Cathedral

King Jellyfish {kingjelly and eviljelly} the Abyss

Mantis Shrimp {mantis and bomb} Bubble Cave in the Frozen Veil

Mergog {mergog}  Mermog Cave

Nautilus Prime {nautilusprime and nautilus} Home Waters

Octomun {octomun and squiddy} Octopus Cave in the Veil

Rotcore {rotcore and rotbaby} Mithalas Cathedral

Spirit Priests aka Mithalan Priests {priest and priestnormal} Mithalas City

Sun Worm (Sun God corrupted) {sunworm} Sun Temple

===  Puzzle Bosses:===

Deep Whale {deepwhale} Abyss

Ghost Boy {cc} Sunken City

Ghost Boys {cc-kid} Sunken City

Ghost Girl {cc-gf} Sunken City

Ghost Mother {cc-mother} Sunken City

Simon {simon} Simon Says Cave from Arnassi Ruins

Singing Octopus {strangecreature} Inside the Deep Whale in the Abyss

Aquaria – Characters (w.i.p.)

Main protagonists and playable characters:

Naija {naija} the main protagonist and main playable character in the game

Li {li} Naija’s main companion, playable in the late part of the game

Other protagonists:

Naija’s Pets:

Blaster Pet {blaster}

Dumbo Pet {dumbo}

Nautilus Pet {nautilus}

Piranha Pet {piranha}

Main antagonist:

The Creator {creator} (various forms) various locations


Other characters (human-like):

Dark Li {form 5} (one of the Creator’s forms) the Body

Druniads {druniad} Storyline, Kelp Forest

Energy God {energystatue} Energy Temple

Eric {eric} The boy in the introduction cut scene

Erulia {erulia} Song Cave

Erulians {erulian} Storyline, Song Cave

Fallen God (Energy God corrupted) {energyboss} Energy Temple

Forest Goddess {forestgod} Kelp Forest

Four Spirits the Body

Ghost Boy {cc} Sunken City

Ghost Boys {cc-kid} Sunken City

Ghost Father {cc-father} Storyline, Sunken City

Ghost Girl {cc-gf} Sunken City

Ghost Mother {cc-mother} Sunken City

Golem and Priestess {sunkendad and sunkenmum} Sunken City

Hell Beast (Mithala corrupted) {hellbeast} Mithalas Cathedral

Krotites {krotite} Storyline, Energy Temple

Lucien {Lucien} (possibly Naija’s son?) Storyline

Lucien’s girlfriend {luciengf} (possibly Lucien’s girlfriend?) Storyline

Lumereans {lumerean} Storyline, Sun Temple

Merman {merman} Storyline

Merman Thin {mermanthin} Mithalas Cathedral

Merman Fat {mermanbloated} Mithalas Cathedral

Merwoman {merwoman} Storyline

Mia {Mia} (Naija’s mother) (various forms) various locations

Mithala {storyline narration} Mithalas City, Mithalas Cathedral

Mithalan Princess {storyline narration} Mithalas City

Mithalans {merman, merwoman} Storyline, Mithalas City, Mithalas Cathedral

Mutant Naija {mutant} the Body

Prince Drask {storyline narration} Mithalas City

Seahorse Ghosts {arnassi-ghost} Arnassi

Spirit Priests aka Mithalan Priests {priest and priestnormal} Mithalas City

Other characters (various types):

Ancient Turtle {transturtle} various locations

Bigmouth {bigmouth} Kelp Forest

Blaster Prime {bigblaster} Energy Temple

Coward {coward} Kelp forest

Deep Whale {deepwhale} Abyss

Ekkrit {ekkrit} Open Waters

Forest Sprite {forestsprite} Kelp Forest

Giant Crab {crabboss} Arnassi Ruins

Grouper {grouper} Home Waters

King Jellyfish {kingjelly} the Abyss

Mama Turtle {mamaturtle} Turtle Cave in the Veil

Mantis Shrimp {mantis} Bubble Cave in the Frozen Veil

Mergog {mergog}  Mermog Cave

Nautilus Prime {nautilusprime} Home Waters

Octomun {octomun} Octopus Cave in the Veil

Rotcore {rotcore} Mithalas Cathedral

Shark {shark} the Veil

Simon {simon} Simon Says Cave from Arnassi Ruins

Singing Octopus {strangecreature} Inside the Deep Whale in the Abyss

Sun God {storyline narration} Sun Temple

Sun Worm (Sun God corrupted) {sunworm} Sun Temple

Walker {walker} Kelp Forest

AQUARIA -  Collectibles

1. Treasures Armour and Costumes:

1.  Arnassi Armor

2.  Crab Armor

3.  Girl’s Costume

4.  Jellyfish Costume

5.  Krotite Armor

6.  Mithalan Dress

7.  Mutant Costume

8.  Urchin Costume

Home Treasures: 9.  Anemone Seed

10. Arnassi Statue

11. Big Seed

12. Black Pearl

13. Drask’s Trident

14. Energy Idol

15. Gear

16. Glowing Plant

17. Glowing Seed

18. Golden Starfish

19. Jelly Beacon

20. Jelly Egg

21. King’s Skull

22. Mithalan Banner

23. Mithala Doll

24. Mithalas Pot

25. Odd Container

26. Seed Bag

27. Song Plant Spore

28. Stone Head

29. Sun Key

30. Tooth

31. Turtle Egg

32. Walker Baby

2. Pets

1. Blaster Pet

2. Dumbo Pet

3. Nautilus Pet

4. Piranha Pet

3. Memories

1. Memory Kitchen (in Mithalas City

2. Memory Bubble (in the Sun Temple)

3. Memory Cave (in the Abyss)

4. Verse Eggs

1. Song Cave

2. Kelp Forest

3. Veil

4. Abyss

5. Bubble Cave

5. Cooking

1. Recipes

2. Third Cooking Pan Slot

6. Pickups

1. Health

2. Ingredients

7. Songs and Forms

1. Song Form (Naija’s basic form)

2. Shield Song (in the Secret Cave Passage)

3. Bind Song (in the Song Cave)

4. Energy Form Song (in the Energy Temple)

5. Beast Form Song (in Mithalas Cathedral)

6. Fish Form Song (in Fish Cave in the Kelp Forest)

7. Nature Form Song (in the Kelp Forest)

8. Li Song (in the Veil)

9. Sun Form Song (in the Sun Temple)

10. Spirit Form Song (in Mithalas City)

11. Dual Form Song (in the Body)

12. 'Songdoor Song (in the Song Cave)

13. 'Energy Statue Song (in the Energy Temple)

14. 'Simon Says Song (in the Kelp Forest)

15. 'Sundoor Song (in the Sun Temple)

16. 'Arnassi Gauntlet Song (in the Arnassi Ruins)

17. 'Whale Song (in the Arnassi Ruins)

18. 'Lantern Song (in the Deep Whale)

19. 'Ghost Mother’s Song (in the Sunken City)

20. 'Free Li Song (in the Body)

21. 'Creator’s fourth form Song (in the Body)

Aquaria - Locations

The world of Aquaria can be divided into three main regions; Central, North and South.

The Central Region is the first region that should be explored. It covers the area from the Energy Temple in the west to Mithalas Cathedral in the east.

The North Region is the second region that should be explored. It covers the area from the Kelp Forest in the west to the Sun Temple in the east.

The South Region is the third and final region that should be explored. It covers the area from the Sunken City in the west to the Frozen Veil in the east.

Locations in bold have a save slot name.

  • = game map area (level)     ~ = exit from map area (level)     + = treasure    # = song/form     italics = reward

Central Region

Verse Cave

  • Verse Cave (Start Cave)

                Big Seed Cave (+ Big Seed)

~West exit - Secret Cave Passage

Secret Cave Passage

  • Secret Cave Passage

                Shield Song Cave (# Shield Song)

  • Vision Cave (Mia Vision)

~West exit - Home Waters

Home Waters

  • Home Waters

                Travel Turtle Cave (~Ancient Turtle to the Kelp Forest)

                Pearl Cave (Pearl)

                Nautilus Prime’s Lair (Nautilus Pet)

                Krotite Armour Cave (+ Krotite Armour)

                [Naija’s Home]

~Central exit - Naija’s Home

~West exit - Energy Temple

~Northeast exit - Secret Cave Passage

~East exit - Open Waters

~Southeast exit - Song Cave

Naija’s Home

  • Naija’s Home (Vedha Cave)

                Treasure Caves (Treasures)

                Sleeping Cave (Dreams)

                Kitchen Cave (Vedha Kitchen) (Extra Cooking Pan)

~West exit - Home Waters

Song Cave

  • Song Door Area

                Blue Crystal Cave (# Songdoor Song)

                Anemone Seed Cave (+ Anemone Seed)

                Jelly Beacon Cave (+ Jelly Beacon)

  • Bind Song Cave (# Bind Song)

                Verse Egg Cave (Verse Egg)

~Secret Door exit - Bind Song Cave

~Northwest exit - Home Waters

Energy Temple

  • Energy Temple North

                Energy Statue Chamber (# Energy Form Song) (# Energy Statue Song)

                * Idol Cave (+Energy Idol)

  • East Tower

                [Krotite Armour Cave]  [entrance in - Home Waters]

  • West Tower and Main Temple

                Pearl Statue Chamber (Pearl)

                Pearl Cave (Pearl)

  • Krotite God’s Lair (+Tooth)

                Blaster Peg Prime’s Lair (Blaster Pet)

~East exit - Home Waters

Open Waters

  • Northwest Area

                Mithalas Trident Statue

  • Northeast Area

                Travel Turtle Cave (~Ancient Turtle to Home Waters)

 *Southwest Area

                *King’s Skull Cave (+ King’s Skull)

  • Southeast Area (Arnassi Racecourse)

                Whale Song Cave (# Whale Song)

                Song Plant Spore Cave (+ Song Plant Spore)

                Arnassi Racecourse (+ Arnassi Armour) (# Seahorse Race Song)

~Northwest exits - Kelp Forest

~Northeast exits - Bright Waters (Veil)

~West exit - Home Waters

~East exit - Mithalas

~Southwest exits - Abyss

~Southeast exit - Arnassi

Arnassi Ruins

  • Arnassi Ruins

                Arnassi Statue Cave (+ Arnassi Statue)

King Crab’s Lair (+ Crab Armour)

                Travel Turtle Cave (~Ancient Turtle to Simon Says Cave in the Kelp Forest)            

~West exit - Open Waters

Mithalas City

  • Mithalas City

                Kitchen (Extra Cooking Pan) (Memory)

                Mithala Doll Room (+ Mithala Doll)

                Mithalas Pot Cave (+ Mithalas Pot)

  • Mithalas Palace

                Mithalan Priests Chamber (# Spirit Form Song)

                Throne Room

                Throne Seal Cave

                Drask’s Trident Room (+ Drask’s Trident)

                Mithalan Banner Chamber (+ Mithalan Banner)

Mithalas Cathedral

  • Mithalas Cathedral

                Mithalan Dress Cave (+ Mithalan Dress)

                Cathedral Door Chamber (entrance to Mithalas Catacombs)

                Whirlpool Chamber

  • Mithalas Catacombs

                ~exit back to Mithalas Palace

  • Warning Cave
  • Mithalan God’s Lair (# Beast Form Song)

                ~exit back to Mithalas Palace

~West exit - Open Waters

North Region

Kelp Forest

  • Southwest Area

                Travel Turtle Passage (~Ancient Turtle to the Veil - East Area)

                Walker Baby Cave (+ Walker Baby)

                [Fish Cave]

  • Southeast Area

                Odd Container Cave (+ Odd Container)

  • Northwest Area (Thorn Forest)

                *Drunian God’s Lair (# Nature Form Song)

                Jelly Egg Cave (+ Jelly Egg)

Verse Egg Cave (Verse Egg)

  • Northeast Area (Sprite Forest)

                Black Pearl Cave (+ Black Pearl)

                [Forest Sprite Cave]

                [Mermog Cave]

  • Simon Says Cave (Third Cooking Pan Slot) (~Ancient Turtle to Arnassi Ruins)

~East exit - Veil (Bright Water)

~South exits - Open Waters

Fish Cave

  • Fish Cave (# Fish Form Song)

~South exit - Kelp Forest

Forest Sprite Cave

  • Forest Sprite Cave

                Seed Bag Cave (+ Seed Bag)

~North exit - Kelp Forest

Mermog Cave

  • Mermog Cave (Piranha Pet)

~South exit - Kelp Forest


  • South Area (Bright Water)

                Verse Egg Cave (Verse Egg)

                Stone Head Cave (+ Stone Head)

  • West Area

                Travel Turtle Cave (~Ancient Turtle to the Abyss)

                [Li’s Cave]

                [Turtle Cave (Mama Turtle Cave)]

  • East Area

                Travel Turtle (~Ancient Turtle to the Veil - West Area)     

                Rukh Ledges

                Golden Starfish Cave (+ Golden Starfish)

  [Octopus Cave]

                [Sun Temple]

~West exit - Kelp Forest

~South exits - Open Waters

Li’s Cave

  • Li’s Cave (# Li Song)

Kitchen (Extra Cooking Pan)

~West exit - Veil

Turtle Cave

  • Turtle Cave (Mama Turtle Cave)

                Turtle Egg Cave (+ Turtle Egg)

                Rukh Ledge

                Urchin Costume Bubble (+ Urchin Costume)

~East exit - Veil

Octopus Cave

  • Octopus Cave (Dumbo Octopus Pet)

~East exit - Veil

Sun Temple

  • Sun Temple

                Lower Water Level Chamber

                Upper Water Level Chamber

                Light Crystal Boat Chamber

                Sun Key Room (+ Sun Key)

                Gear Room (+ Gear)

                Sun Door Chamber (# Door Song)

  • Lumerean God’s Lair (# Sun Form Song)
  • Sky Chamber (Memory)

~North exit - Veil

~West exit - Veil

~East exit - Veil

South Region


  • West Area
  • King Jellyfish Lair (+ Jellyfish Costume)

                Glowing Seed Cave (+ Glowing Seed)

                Glowing Plant Cave (+ Glowing Plant)

                Tongue (entrance to - Body)

                Li Door (going to - Sunken City)

  • East Area

                Travel Turtle Cave (~Ancient Turtle to Open Waters)

                Whale Cave

                *Deep Whale (inside the whale) (Verse Egg)

                *Singing Octopus’s Lair (# Octopus Lantern Song)

                [???] (Memory Cave)

~Northwest exit - Open Waters

~Northeast exit - Arnassi Ruins

~Southwest exit - Sunken City

~Southeast exit - Frozen Veil

~South exit - Body


  • ??? Memory Cave (Memory)

~West exit – Abyss

Ice Cavern

  • Ice Cavern

Frozen Veil

  • Frozen Veil

[Bubble Cave]

~Southwest exit - Abyss

Bubble Cave

  • Bubble Cave

                Mantis Shrimp’s Lair (Verse Egg)

~South exit - Frozen Veil

Sunken City

  • Sunken City

                Li Door (going to - Abyss)

                Girl’s Costume Cave (+ Girl’s Costume)

                Ghost Mother’s Cave (# Ghost Mother’s Song)

                Tree Cave

                Ghost Children Caves

                Ghost Mother’s Song Cave (entrance to - Boiler Room)

                [Boiler Room]

~East exit - Abyss

Boiler Room

  • Boiler Room (Golem’s Lair)


  • North Central Area

                Li Cage (# Dual Form Song) (# Free Li Song)

  • West Area

                Krotite Warrior Spirit’s Cave

                Prince of Mithalas Spirit’s Cave

  • East Area North

                Druniad Spirit’s Cave

  • East Area South

                Erulian Messenger Spirit’s Cave

  • South Central Area (the Gauntlet)

                Mutant Costume Cave (+ Mutant Costume)

  • South Area (Creator’s Lair)

                Travel Turtle Cave (~Ancient Turtle to the Abyss)


                Creator’s First Form and Second Form Cave

                Creator’s Third Form Cave

                Creator’s Fourth Form Cave

Creator’s Fifth Form Cave (Firmament)

~North exit – Abyss

Thirteen Lair