• Jelly Beacon - This odd plant seemed to draw small Jelly Fish towards it.
  • Krotite Armor - I recovered this ancient battle armor worn by the Krotites, from a secret entrance to the Energy Temple.
  • Energy Idol - A small statuette that burned with the power of the Krotites.
  • Tooth - In the rush of victory, I pulled this large tooth from the Energy God's jaw. I decided to keep it, as a reminder...
  • Big Seed - I discovered a giant seed in my sanctuary. When I brought it home and planted it, it sprouted into a colorful garden.
  • Crab Armor - I fashioned this armor from the shell of the Giant Crab. It would provide me with extra defense when worn.
  • Glowing Plant - Its twin bulbs drew jellyfish up from the deep.
  • Mithalas Pot - This pot never seemed to run out of meat for my kitchen.
  • Arnassi Armor - I won this armor by completing the Arnassi gauntlet in record time. When worn, I could ride seahorses more effectively.
  • Odd Container - The bubbles trapped inside this container amused me.
  • Mithalan Banner - I took a blue banner from Mithalas, to remind me of the time spent in its waters.
  • Mithala Doll - I imagined that this doll belonged to a young girl who had lived in Mithalas long before it was destroyed.
  • Walker Baby - Perhaps one day it would grow up to be as magnificent as the Walkers in the Kelp Forest.
  • Seed Bag - I spread these seeds around the foresty area of my cave. Soon small leafy sprouts appeared.
  • Arnassi Statue - An Arnassi statue I scavenged from the ruins of the civilization.
  • Gear - I thought that it might be fun to have one of these in my cave.
  • Sun Key - A strange shiny object... I had no idea what it was for, but I decided to keep it.
  • Urchin Costume - A spiny costume fashioned from shells of sea urchins. Creatures that touched it would take damage from its sharp spikes.
  • Girl's Costume - A rather revealing costume...
  • Mutant Costume - Why did they look so much like me...
  • Jelly Costume - I won this costume by defeating King Jellyfish. When worn, it would heal me if my wounds became critical.
  • Mithalan Dress - A ceremonial costume worn by the Princess of Mithalas.
  • Anemone Seed - When planted, this seed sprouted a garden of anemones in my cave.
  • Glowing Seed - When planted, this seed sprouted a garden of glowing plants in my cave.
  • Turtle Egg - I found this egg in the Turtle Cave.
  • King's Skull - How did he end up in such a terrible place, I wondered?
  • Drask's Trident - This belonged on the end of a Prince's weapon.
  • Song Plant Spore - The spores from the song plant reacted strongly to the Verse.
  • Jelly Egg - An egg from an upside-down jelly.
  • Stone Head - I wondered if this stone's crude face was the product of nature or something else?
  • Golden Starfish - A special starfish infused with Sun's power.
  • Black Pearl - A beautiful black pearl I found hidden away in a deep cave.
  • Baby Crib - This baby's crib brought powerful memories rushing to the surface.

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