Songcave door

The Song Cave is a small cave system located in the southeast corner of Home Waters.

At the centre of the cave is a large stone door etched with swirls and Aquarian letters. The door is opened by singing the right combination of notes:

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New Fish Edit

Loot Edit

  • 2 x Eel Oil
  • Leaf Poultice recipe
  • Hot Soup (behind boulder, next to door)
  • The Bind Song
  • Verse Egg
  • Special Bulb (underneath Giant Anemone)
  • Jelly Beacon
  • Anemone Seed (hidden within Giant Anemone, requires Nature form)
  • Hand Roll

Aquarian Texts Edit

This phrase is engraved on the stone door at the heart of The Song Cave:

Letter hLetter eLetter rLetter eLetter Letter lLetter iLetter eLetter sLetter Letter eLetter rLetter uLetter lLetter iLetter aLetter Letter oLetter uLetter rLetter Letter mLetter oLetter tLetter hLetter eLetter r

More inscriptions scattered throughout the cave:

Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter fLetter aLetter lLetter lLetter eLetter n
Letter fLetter oLetter rLetter Letter dLetter aLetter uLetter gLetter hLetter tLetter eLetter r
Letter lLetter iLetter gLetter hLetter tLetter Letter wLetter iLetter lLetter lLetter Letter gLetter uLetter iLetter dLetter eLetter Letter hLetter eLetter r

Carved on the horns of a large, stern head:

Letter cLetter rLetter eLetter aLetter tLetter oLetter r

Dedication etched onto the wall of The Song Cave's inner chamber:

Letter sLetter pLetter iLetter rLetter iLetter tLetter Letter rLetter eLetter mLetter eLetter mLetter bLetter eLetter r

Lore Edit

The Song Cave is the only known cave system of the Erulians.

Exits Edit