Songcave door

The Song Cave is located in the south-east corner of Home Waters.

At the centre of the cave is a large stone door covered in carvings. The door can be opened by singing the right combination of notes:

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Carvings Edit

This phrase is inscribed on the spiraling stone door at the heart of The Song Cave

Letter hLetter eLetter rLetter eLetterLetter lLetter iLetter eLetter sLetterLetter eLetter rLetter uLetter lLetter iLetter aLetterLetter oLetter uLetter rLetterLetter mLetter oLetter tLetter hLetter eLetter r

More carvings are scattered throughout the cave, one of which hints at how to open the door.

Letter cLetter rLetter eLetter aLetter tLetter oLetter r
Letter tLetter hLetter eLetterLetter fLetter aLetter lLetter lLetter eLetter n
Letter fLetter oLetter rLetterLetter dLetter aLetter uLetter gLetter hLetter tLetter eLetter r
Letter lLetter iLetter gLetter hLetter tLetterLetter wLetter iLetter lLetter lLetterLetter gLetter uLetter iLetter dLetter eLetterLetter hLetter eLetter r

The final carving is found further inside the cave.

Letter sLetter pLetter iLetter rLetter iLetter tLetterLetter rLetter eLetter mLetter eLetter mLetter bLetter eLetter r

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