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The Kelp Forest is a verdant region northeast of Open Waters.

Formerly cultivated by the Druniads, the Kelp Forest that Naija discovers is entirely wild. Moss and algae cling to every exposed surface; even the light appears tinged with green. The abundant flora in this region shelters a wide variety of Aquarian wildlife.

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Druniad god

The Druniad god slumbers in the north-most remove of the Kelp Forest. A brisk current around the edge of her nest keeps the water fresh.

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Unlike previous bosses, the Druniad god dwells in a very small grove. Positioning is very important in such a tight space, especially with the current.

When the fight starts, the Druniad god will not appear to respond to Naija's attacks. Spikyballs appear and ricochet around the room with the current. Thorned worms "grow" from the border and attempt to trap Naija against their bodies. Both deal physical damage if touched. Once enemies have been eliminated, the god begins to hum. When Naija matches her pitch, the god will emit a starburst of energy as she awakens. She can only be damaged while her eyes remain open.

Repeating the cycle will summon stronger waves of enemies. After a sufficient amount of damage has been dealt, the enraged god will awaken permanently. She immediately summons three giant armored spikyballs to shield her from Naija's attacks. Defeating the Druniad god requires attacking through a narrow opening in this blockade, while dodging more thorned worms and energy bursts that periodically sweep the room.


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