The Energy Temple is a derelict ruin located in Home Waters. The entrance lies to the west of Naija's Home, but can only be opened with the Bind song. It is also the first dungeon map of the game.

The modest size of The Energy Temple is a reflection of its builders, the Krotites.

Entrance Edit

Naija is forced into the first battle of the game almost immediately after entering. The player will be locked into a room and must match notes between waves of attacks from the Energy God Statue.

Winning the fight grants the Energy form.

New Enemies Edit

This is the first map where all wildlife deals damage; most are aggressive.

Boss Edit

Krotite boss

While the Krotites have disappeared, their feral idol lingers in the bowels of the temple. The bones littering the floor have long been picked clean of meat, but the water here is too stagnant to support any new life.

Strategy Edit

While the Energy God is aggravated by attacks, its stony skin blocks damage. The key to defeating it is a pearl hidden under its body. Drive the boss to the back of the tunnel with constant energy blasts. Once the pearl is free, use the Bind song to carry it back to the socket.

Now, taunt the Energy God by swimming close and bolting just before each lunge. Wait until its body is in the energy beam to charge the pearl. After two hits, the boss will refuse to move closer. For the final hit, you must provoke it into swiping within range of your trap.

Loot Edit

Carvings Edit

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