The Energy Temple is a set of ruins located in Home Waters. The entrance lies to the west of Naija's Home, but can only be opened with the Bind song.

It is also the first dungeon map of the game, and the final cave system in the demo.

New Enemies Edit

This is the first map filled with hostile, aggressive enemies.

Lore Edit

The Energy Temple was built by the Krotites. It's modest size and simplistic architecture reflects the Krotites' disinterest in complex civilization.

Boss Edit

Krotite boss

While the Krotites have disappeared, their feral idol lingers in the bowels of the temple. The bones littering the floor have long been picked clean, but the water here is too stagnant to support life.

Strategy Edit

The Energy God's stony skin blocks damage from attacks. Drive the boss to the back of the tunnel with energy blasts. Underneath hides a cracked pearl. Use the Bind song to carry it back to the socket near the entrance of the tunnel.

Taunt the Energy God back towards the entrance by swimming close and bolting just before each lunge. Wait until its body is underneath the inactive energy beam to charge the pearl.

This boss requires 3 hits to be defeated. For the final hit, the player must provoke it into swiping within range of your trap.

Loot Edit

(Room 1) Edit

(Room 2) Edit

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(Boss room) Edit

(Room 4)

Tips Edit

  • The fourth room of the Energy Temple behind the Boss' cave contains 4 Blue Jelly, making it an easy place to farm jelly oil. It can be quickly accessed by swimming through a strong current in the first room using the Beast form.

Exits Edit

  • Home Waters

Aquarian Texts Edit

Letter kLetter rLetter eLetter lLetter Letter wLetter iLetter lLetter lLetter Letter pLetter aLetter y
Letter bLetter eLetter tLetter rLetter aLetter yLetter aLetter l

Inscribed on a column, above a Krotite helm:

Letter fLetter lLetter eLetter sLetter hLetter Letter iLetter sLetter Letter wLetter eLetter aLetter k

Lore Edit