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Songs give the singer the power to shape The Verse and change themselves or affect their environment. Songs are hidden throughout Aquaria, and must be discovered before they can be used. They can only be sung while Naija is in her default Song form.

Almost all songs are automatically saved in the player's inventory screen. If playing on a computer, the songs are also preset to hotkeys.

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Shield Song Edit

Note wNote eNote wNote e hotkey 9

The Shield Song is the first song the player acquires. This song creates a protective aura that shields Naija from harm.

The shield only reflects projectile damage. It does not prevent physical damage, such as impact attacks or collisions. The effect is passive, allowing Naija to swim and sing freely, but cannot be carried over to other forms.

Bind Song Edit

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The Bind Song helps Naija move obstructions and pull up objects, such as plant leaves or heavy boulders. It may also be used to pull shells from armored creatures.

Bound objects drag behind Naija and are held until she repeats the song. The objects can also be dropped if separated from Naija. Only one object can be held at a time.

Bound objects will continue to be held if the player switches forms.

This song is found in The Song Cave.

Energy Song Edit

Note swNote wNote nw hotkey 2

Singing the Energy Song morphs Naija into the Energy form.

This song is gained from The Energy Temple.

Beast Song Edit

Note nNote nwNote w hotkey 3

The Beast Song transforms Naija into her Beast form.

This song is acquired after finishing Mithalas Cathedral.

Nature Song Edit

Note nwNote sNote ne hotkey 4

The Nature Song changes Naija into the Nature form.

This song is awarded for defeating The Kelp Forest boss.

Sun Song Edit

Note sNote nNote sNote n hotkey 5

Naija's Sun Form is activated with the Sun Song.

This song is obtained upon completing The Sun Temple.

Fish Song Edit

Note sNote nNote nwNote ne hotkey 6

The Fish Song transforms Naija into her tiny Fish form.

This song is optional, and can be found in The Kelp Forest as soon as Naija has discovered Open Waters.

Spirit Song Edit

Note nNote neNote e hotkey 7

The Spirit Song allows Naija to project her soul in Spirit form, which can be used to bypass certain obstacles.

This song is also optional, and can be discovered in Mithalas Palace after acquiring both the Nature and Beast forms.

Dual Song Edit

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Note seNote neNote nNote nw hotkey 8

The Dual Form lets you merge with Li to form one being. You will have two sides now, which you can switch by rolling (either hold your left mouse button and quickly draw circles around Naija/Li or press R on your keyboard).

Li's Song Edit

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Once Naija has met Li, singing Li's Song will summon him to her side. If Li is also nearby, this song will toggle his passive and aggressive states.

Unrecorded Songs Edit

Additionally, there are a few significant songs that don't get recorded automatically when discovered:

Whale's Song Edit

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The Whale's song allows entry into the stomach of the whale that resides in the Abyss, to the left of the transporting sea turtle, past a sun-form door and some steam. The song can be found inscribed on a wall over an image of a whale hidden behind a false wall and a heavy current in the area between Open Waters and The Abyss, just above the Arnassi Ruins.

Seahorse's Song Edit

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The Seahorse's Song is played to start the race mini-game in the Arnassi Ruins. Unlike the others these notes are written on the wall in the only place you'd need to use them. The tune will be familiar to players, being the first four notes of the recurring twelve-note theme present in most of Aquaria's music (see Ghost Mother's Song below).

Ghost Mother's Song Edit

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The Ghost Mother's Song is the recurring twelve-note theme that has been present in more than half the songs in the game, and partially present in most of the rest. It is necessary to proceed through certain portions of the Abyss and the Body, but unlike other songs, only the first four notes are explicitly told to you. Instead the onus is on the player to nptice remember what the notes are and sing them back at the appropriate time. This can take a little practice for those without a well developed sense of pitch.