"The rush of new waves greeted my ears, as I glided into undiscovered waters. Though a chapter of my life had ended, my journey was far from over."
Open Waters is the region east of Home Waters, and signals the end of the demo. It is easily thrice the size of Home Waters, containing six areas filled with enemies.

While there are currents that block Naija from exploring all the exits, some currents are weak enough that the player can still proceed if persistent.

New Fish Edit

Given the range of Open Waters, this list is limited to fish found in the first two maps of the area, and excluding fish with stronger regional ties elsewhere.

Loot Edit

Found in Upper Open Waters, leading to The Veil:

Found in Lower Open Waters, near The Abyss:

Exits Edit

Aquarian Texts Edit

Letter mLetter iLetter tLetter hLetter aLetter lLetter aLetter sLetter Letter bLetter eLetter cLetter kLetter oLetter nLetter sLetter Letter yLetter oLetter u
Letter fLetter eLetter aLetter rLetter Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter lLetter oLetter rLetter d

Approaching The Veil

Letter dLetter oLetter eLetter sLetter Letter aLetter bLetter sLetter oLetter lLetter uLetter tLetter iLetter oLetter n

Letter lLetter iLetter eLetter Letter aLetter bLetter oLetter vLetter eLetter Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter wLetter aLetter vLetter eLetter s


Towards Lower Open Waters

Letter kLetter rLetter eLetter lLetter Letter aLetter nLetter dLetter Letter yLetter lLetter iLetter a

Letter fLetter oLetter rLetter eLetter vLetter eLetter r

Letter mLetter yLetter Letter dLetter eLetter aLetter rLetter eLetter sLetter t

Letter rLetter eLetter sLetter tLetter Letter iLetter nLetter Letter pLetter eLetter aLetter cLetter e

Letter bLetter eLetter wLetter aLetter rLetter e
Letter aLetter rLetter nLetter aLetter sLetter sLetter iLetter Letter gLetter aLetter uLetter nLetter tLetter lLetter eLetter t