Naija head

Naija is the main playable character of Aquaria.

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Naija is an amphibious humanoid creature with smooth green skin and webbed extremities. She has long fins on the sides of her head that resemble ears.

She is a Mithalan, one of the many races that inhabit the world of Aquaria.


Naija was born and grew up in Mithalas City, just one of many of her kind living in Aquaria. She moved to a Naija's Home outside the city in the Home Waters. After a cataclysm caused by their god, Mithalas, succumbing to madness, Naija fled her home and lost her memory. Eventually, she ended up in the Verse Cave, which she adopted as her new home. She lived for a time as a feral creature, simply following her base desires: food, shelter, fun.

After a time, she began to feel lonely. This simple feeling is what drives her to start her adventure.


Naija is the daughter of Mia, a god that was created by the un-named Creator. She has the ability to take the form's of the gods that she has defeated, she also has the ability to access the Verse, the set of musical notes that flows throughout Aquaria.