Fish big enemy moray eel

Moray Eels can be found in Mithalas City, where they lurk in collapsed Mithalan pods. Unlike their real-world counterparts, they do not leave their pods.

Morays have poor eyesight, and rely on their strong sense of smell to detect prey. Relatively passive while Naija remains out of range, they strike swiftly once she swims closer.

Defeated Moray Eels occasionally drop a Small Egg or Eel Oil.

Trivia Edit

  • Given their dull coloration, as well as their relative size to Naija (and the size of their homes), they are likely based on the Giant moray eel.
  • Despite their reputation as vicious fish, morays are quite shy, which is why they prefer to hide in enclosed, dark spaces.
  • Moray eels are the only animal to rely on a second set of toothed jaws (called pharyngeal jaws) in their throats in order grab and pull prey down their gullets. They are unable to swallow like other fish due to their narrow heads.
  • Because of their unique jaws, morays cannot release their grip, even in death.