Mithalas City was once a thriving metropolis. In sharp contrast to Open Waters in the west, there are no currents. The city itself has been abandoned; the few fish that choose to inhabit the city usually cluster in or around the derelict Mithalan homes.

Mithalas Palace Edit

The Mithalan Palace lies on the western edge of the city. Magnificent even when abandoned, corners of the palace are marked with a mysterious infestation.

A passage leading off of the Throne Room seems to have been completely sealed off, leaving the three thrones unmolested.

Show Key

Carvings Edit

Letter pLetter rLetter iLetter nLetter cLetter eLetterLetter dLetter rLetter aLetter sLetter k
Letter rLetter uLetter lLetter eLetterLetter mLetter iLetter tLetter hLetter aLetter lLetter aLetter s

New Fish Edit

Loot Edit

Carvings Edit

Mithalas sign

The sign that lies before Mithalas City is the only directly-translated word in the game. It is also the player's cue to try translating the Aquarian alphabet if they haven't yet taken note of other carvings.

Letter rLetter aLetter iLetter nLetter bLetter oLetter wLetterLetter sLetter oLetter uLetter pLetterLetter mLetter yLetterLetter oLetter nLetter lLetter yLetterLetter eLetter sLetter cLetter aLetter pLetter e
Letter bLetter eLetter yLetter oLetter nLetter dLetterLetter dLetter eLetter aLetter tLetter hLetterLetter wLetter eLetterLetter hLetter iLetter dLetter e

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