Miniboss mergog
Mergog guards the Piranha pet in the Mergog Cave. Once Naija gets close enough, a mini-boss battle will be triggered.

Mergog moves rapidly around the area, causing damage to Naija upon contact. Mergog's cave is quite small, making avoiding his attacks difficult.

After a few seconds of moving around the cave, Mergog will carry out one of two types of attack:

  • Retreating to the right hand side of the cave and firing projectiles at Naija - these can largely be avoided by using the Beast form to dart back into the current stream and hold onto a rock so the projectiles pass overhead.
  • Mergog will orientate in Naija's direction and fire a laser from the mouth of the statue it sits upon. Mergog will then move up and down the screen, causing damage when the laser touches Naija.

Upon Mergog's defeat, Naija can claim the Piranha pet.