Fish enemy armored flea

Armored Fleas abound in the larger decaying structures of Mithalas City, including the Palace and Cathedral. They tend to cluster in groups and stick to surfaces, occasionally jumping to new areas (especially when excited).

Colliding with an Armored Flea deals physical damage.

Given their small size, and the speed and height of their jumps, Armored Fleas can be an unexpected nuisance. They are much easier to kill mid-hop.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite their diminuitive name, and given their relative size to Naija, the game's Armored Fleas could be a reference to Bathynomus giganteus, the largest isopods in the world.
  • Isopods are related to pillbugs, and distantly related to crabs and shrimps (which are both decapods).